Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Picture Story

This mama forgot we like being outside in the winter.  We were starting to go crazy inside too much.  It seemed to hard with a babe that takes off mitts and toques within seconds.  Not very Saskatchewanian of you, I tell her.  But, we dug through the storage room and found some warmer items that she can't remove.  We found the blue baby sled.  And we went out to the park!
She stopped screaming after she was moving in the sled.  We played musical sleds on our way.

Somebody wants a ride, somebody wants to pull, somebody wants to OTHER sled.
But we made it to the park.  The big kids found the biggest hill among the small choices of the park.
This unsure babe, changed her mind about being bundled up.  Hmm, it is nice to be outside, eh babe?  Especially when there is a fun big brother and sister to giggle at.

So the next time everyone seems a little grouchy, I order us outside to go sledding at the big hill.  Kellen says no, it's no fun.  I say we are going, so go.  He says fine, but if its not fun, then you can't be on your computer for a whole week.  Oh, really, I say.
Hmm, looks like fun to me (and I am on my computer after all.)

I couldn't get a picture of lanelle sledding.  She decided she wouldn't go down the BIG hill without mom.  Kind of glad she decided that, because I had so much fun!  Neve did end up protesting a lot about being left alone (or so I thought that was the problem).  I'd sprint back up while the big kids slowly made their way up.  Soon though, I realized , as she tried desperately to move her super bundled body over to the sled, that she was mad because she wanted to go.  So, I took her, and she LOVED it!  Oh, Neve, are you a thrill seeker already?

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