Sunday, November 06, 2011

a lesson...

So, the story of the lice is out.  I think its gone now, really, I trust it is.  The house is cleaner than its been in ages now too!  There's a good outcome in all of this, right?!  I'll be checking Lanelle's hair daily for any signs of nits.  I'm sure there won't be, but if there is I'm still ready for battle.

In the middle of dealing, when I had to ask why, because it helps if a lesson can come out of it.  I asked myself what else in life I should be so ready to squash and get rid of from my life.  The heard the word negativity.  Hmm, sure there is similarity between lice and negativity.  Because when we allow it and we think the negative thought, or say the negative thing, it doesn't usually just remain there.  One louse that just is, is not a problem.  But that louse lays eggs.  Negativity allowed in our thoughts and words is pretty likely to breed more negativity.  If we allow it to get out of control, it would overtake us and we'd lose the beauty in life.  How different would my life look if a negative thought made me gasp in horror and ready myself to battle it? 

So, I had the thought and then carried on with life.  Guess I needed a reminder that this is a lesson to take note of.  Because then a friend shared with me how she actively got rid of negativity in her life.  Her life is happier, her marriage is better, and she is thankful for that.

Hmm, I love it when an idea seems to keep coming at me.  I'm going to be super conscious this week as I stay on edge, ready to battle the lice, to look for ways squash negativity.

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Angela said...

so awesome- and that's the amazing thing to be able to find the beauty or positive in everything