Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Big Day (25)

Remember what tomorrow is for me? First day with the housecleaner! I took Kellen to pre-K registration tonight and planted flowers, tomatoes, seeds in between putting kids to bed. I'm just finished up with that and the house is a disaster. Normally this would cause the rest of the evening to be ruined. But, tonight, it makes me laugh because its going to be clean when I get home. The food under the table, magically gone. The grass all over the porch after Ian cut it tonight, yep that will be gone too. The dishes that didn't all get done yet, she said that would be cleaned up too! The dirty bathroom with little mud footprints will have disappeared also!

I think I'm going to ask Ian and the kids to stay out in the yard tomorrow until I get home, so I can enjoy the clean by myself for a few minutes.

Have you ever had someone clean for you? Is it as wonderful as I'm imagining?


Janet said...

Funny that Ian said he is embarrased about how dirty the house is! Maybe I should feel that way? But I don't!

Jen Mooney said...

Ok - I'm salivating here....Keep telling us about it and I'll live vicariously through you guys!

Roy said...

Yes it is as wonderful as you are thinking.

Davis Family said...

My mother had people come clean by times. She usually cleaned up before they arrived - so it wouldn't be such a mess you know. Ha.