Saturday, June 06, 2009

Creativity (28)

I find myself thinking about creativity more lately. I would have labelled myself a non-creative person, because I can't draw after all. Through things like scrapbooking, I started recognizing that I like being creative. Then I saw in other crafting things I liked to do that, hey - I really am creative. Now, I think about being a creative mom and inspiring my kids to be creative. I really enjoyed this book and got lots of ideas from it. Including a bigger picture of what being creative entails. One idea that I keep thinking about - having an inspiration board. Anyone can put up things that inspire them - a photo, a magazine page, a piece of fabric, ribbon... where the color, texture, emotion, whatever beauty inspired them. I don't know if I'll do it (although I might), but it really made me think about how we should reflect on what things around us give us inspiration.

These 2 things made me feel joy, so I took pictures of them. If I had an inspiration board, I think I would add these pictures. I loved my green tea (with summer blossom honey from the farmers market - if you haven't tried the difference between spring, summer and fall honey you really should, its amazing).
I feel like I have to defend why diapers drying on a line inspire me, but they do and explaining would cause it to lose that feeling.

I think watching children explore the world around them is a whole different level of understanding creativity.


Sarina said...

Great post Janet! I agree, watching kids explore the world around them and discover new things is truly amazing.

Davis Family said...

Yeah for you - nice post.

Jen Mooney said...

I have a scrapbook where I just put pictures of things I see that I like. Often from magazines but some other things too. Like you said - things that inspire me. i love to just sit and look through it every once in a while.

pella said...

Ahh, beautiful Janet! What a lovely way to capture "beauty"!

pella said...

And, that's hilarious, that book has been on my amazon wish list for a while now! Don't you love it!