Saturday, June 13, 2009


Some of tonights feelings:

Surprised I want to be here, thought I'd stay away for a long time. Guess it is a habit.
Even more surprised that I used iTunes to purchase some music for the kids I've had my eye on for awhile - successfully and quickly. Johnny Bregar, if you are wondering. Yes, I suppose its for me too even though it is "childrens music." So far, as I'm listening and typing, Dragonfly is my favorite.
Discouraged that I'm finally sitting down to scrapbook and I'm too tired.
Happy we went to Aliya's birthday party - Kellen really enjoyed it and it was good to feel connected since they just moved from the Fort to Regina.
Eeekkk! (Don't know exactly how to put the feeling into a word). Ian bought Kellen a play structure for the backyard. We really shouldn't have. But, we are going to all love it.
Peaceful in a pretty darn clean house (and feeling pleased with myself about it.)
Delighted that my kids are so much fun (most of the time). Trying to be thankful that Lanelle is exerting so much independence, as I remind myself its an important developmental stage.
REALLY wishing that the Town has a new garbage truck driver hired, so we can have Ian with us Sunday mornings.

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