Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday, June 5 (27)

Today, I am still enjoying a clean house. Today, I am home sick with a cold. I took the kids to the sitters late this morning and had a nap. Now, I am feeling much better and the cold doesn't seem nearly so bad as this morning. I just endured the second night in a row that Lanelle was up for more than 2 hours in the middle of the night. Ian would like to give her away. Sleep really affects everything, doesn't it? Today I am getting organized in the clean, peaceful house. Bills have been paid, laundry is being done, diapers are on the line drying, the winter gear has been pulled out of the closet and packed away, piled up papers are being sorted. I think having someone clean is going to enable me the time to get more organized. The kids will be up from their nap soon, so I will go pick them up early. I will enjoy a relaxing Friday evening with them, while I can feel the opposite of overwhelmed. Hope you have a wonderful Friday night.


Anonymous said...

My mother used to tell me that when you are working and making money outside your home, it's only fair to give somebody else a job! I guess she remembers when it was a priviledge to work!
Love, mary

Crystal Quilliams said...

JELOUS!!!! But, so... happy for you! Perhaps I just have to "get over myself" in my mess and get someone in. I was just too embarrassed before and thought I'd have to clean before they got there. Maybe I just have to swallow my pride & admit to myself that everyone is in the same boat as me and do it! I'll be interested to hear how it goes!

Jen Mooney said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sleep thing. I hate how being tired makes a person feel and how life isn't quite the same. And I certainly hope you don't get sick now!

Enjoy your clean house and now partly organized house! Doesn't that just feel so freeing?! I'm happy for you and I hope you have a really great weekend!