Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plum Down

Lanelle walked up behind me while I was making supper tonight. I heard a "thunk" and then "uh-oh". The "uh-ohs" kept being repeated so I began to pay attention to her. She was pointing to the open air duct until the cupboards. Once Ian had to dig out Lightning McQueen from down there with a coat hanger and sticky tape. We should have covered it up. Since Lanelle came from Ian's direction, I asked him if he'd noticed what she had in her hand. We weren't sure. Then he pointed out that there had been a raid on the plums that were still on the floor in the grocery bag. We counted, yep, we were missing one. Replaying the thunk over in my mind, I realized it probably was indeed the missing plum. We ignored the issue for a while. I wondered how long it would take to shrivel up to nothing. Would it stink?

Ian couldn't live with the plum down there, so it became a late night project. I was wishing for suspended ceiling tonight while my wrist was cramping and my elbow was yelling at me as I tried to fold my arm around an impossible corner while fishing for a plum with a coat hanger. I would have ripped the duct apart, but not our basement ceiling. Not for a missing plum. Ian was trying not to yell as he was giving direction peering into the duct that he opened up in the storage room. The whole thing struck me as very funny after awhile and I couldn't stop giggling which didn't help. Eventually, just before I gave up, I managed to retrieve it. We also found a monster truck that neither of us recognized. I think it had been there for a long time.

Ian is currently searching for material in the garage to cover the hole. Just thought I'd share my giggle with you.


jenn with two n's said...

Good one! Remember the tennis ball in our basement ceiling?

Janet said...

what?? No, I remember no tennis ball!

armacleod said...

Sounds like an intriguing evening.