Monday, June 22, 2009


I think I've been missing being here, at my computer before I go to bed, to think just a bit. I was missing the kids today while I was at work. I've been thankful that hasn't been an overwhelming feeling that robs me of enjoying the days at work. But maybe since I'm getting very anxious for the holidays to begin as I dream about how much fun we are going to have. 4 days left.

I was missing Grandma Bell lately. I decided to take up knitting again. I thought it would be fun while we drive out to BC and back over the long weekend to have something to feel productive about. I saw the most beautiful knitted dress that I wanted to make for Lanelle. I was surprised that the skill I once had didn't come back as quickly as I thought it would. So while watching some knitting on youtube, playing with the yarn in my hand and feeling very awkward with the knitting needles, I kept having flashbacks to Grandmas kitchen where she taught me knitting with a few friends in 4-H. It was really nice to have so many warm memories. I only briefly thought about going back to crocheting, but didn't want to disappoint Grandma. I think I'll be able to knit some hats on the trip but don't know that the dress will be done without some serious practice.

One a very different note, Lanelle made me laugh tonight even though I shouldn't have. Kellen and I were trying to play trains and she kept darting into our game (very sneakily) and grabbing an engine or car as she took off at top speed down the hall. Kellen would wail and take off chasing her again. She'd act very nonchalant as he ripped it out of her hand and tell her no. She'd saunter back to her toys for a moment before darting in again to frustrate him. Like you probably are thinking, I thought she was just wanting to play with us. So I tried to involve her in pushing the train around, but she honestly had no interest in that. Once she had her hand on a car she was gone, anticipating the chase the would ensue. What kept seeming so funny to me was that it wasn't her done in her usual squealing, smiling way. She was very serious about it and seemed to enjoy torturing her brother in some somber, dark way. She was so content with herself and not concerned at all about Kellen's reactions. So, yeah, I shouldn't have been laughing, but it was so strange.

With that little story I best get myself to bed. I just didn't want to forget that one.


pella said...

LOL - ahhh yes, siblings! memories!

Sarina said...

I laughed at your 'sneaky' Lanelle story. It reminded me of Ariana and how she is always stealing the remote controls or phone now, then going behind the chair to hide from me, and if I catch her she darts off down the hallway like it's all a great game! Kids are funny.