Monday, June 08, 2009

What? (30)

After 30 bizzilion starts here to this ridiculous post, I give up. I learned this past month that its difficult to write when tired and that's its okay to not say much. I was hoping to not end with that feeling. Making it to #30 should feel like an accomplishment, and getting more stuck than ever on the last one really takes away from that feeling. I'll think of the lesson in that tomorrow. Tonight, I'll just say goodbye. It's been a challenge. For anyone that has stuck with me in the challenge, thanks.

I did have a great day and should have taken some pictures. Having a little get together with Muirheads/Koops to say Happy Birthday to Uncle Michael was fun. The kids loved having everyone around. Ian enjoyed all the oohhs and ahhs over his table. I enjoyed it all, as always. Thanks Mary for the special gifts. And, I hope you had a very great birthday Michael and I'm praying it will be a year full of amazing blessings for you.

Goodnight and Goodbye (probably for awhile now!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Janet,

I've been with you silently the whole time. Yep, that means I've read the brief, the profound, the cute, and the I-just-wanna-go-to-bed posts.

Thanks for all the peeks into the Muirhead family's days!


PS: What if I challenged you right now to 30 days of blogging? Are we on?!

Janet said...

Jason, That is so not fair. You know I'm competetive!

I've enjoyed reading about your amazing trip and I'm glad you shared it with us. Much more interesting than my little world!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed hearing all the posts...don't quit now. 21 days to form a habit...and your well past it now.
Atleast keep the pics coming!?

Jen Mooney said...

I'll miss reading about life every day. I hope you don't leave us for too long!!