Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Relief (24)

I don't have to go away for work for 3 days. I didn't want to go. I needed to be home, but I had to go. So, I tried to be positive. Then, 2 days before departure, I don't have to go! I did a happy dance and feel so light I could float. I was beginning to feel like I couldn't take much more and it was affecting me in ways I didn't even know. I smiled a lot more for the rest of the day. I appreciated people more.

So, instead of checking into a hotel on Thursday, I will be coming home to a clean house (the housecleaners first day!) Going to our second slow pitch game (our first was last night and I really had fun). I will enjoy my kids, do some yard work, and smile.

Just thought I'd share my joy today. Good night, I am going to have a restful sleep!

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Davis Family said...

I got an update from Andrea on what your little two are up to these days. They sound like pure joy indeed! God bless you all.