Saturday, May 23, 2009

A beach afternoon! (14)

We did plant the garden this morning, mostly fun. Next year I think I should do it all alone though. It wasn't quite the therapeutic time I remember it to be in past years. Lanelle was yelling at me if I wasn't blowing bubbles for her.

When I was putting Kellen in bed for his nap, he asked if we could go to Katepwa Beach. He has been asking for awhile now. I have found it very interesting that he remembers from last summer. The weather was too nice to say no today. So we took our picnic supper and had a great time playing and relaxing together.

She didn't want the cucumbers I sliced. She wanted the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

Great pics Janet...such cuties.

Davis Family said...

What a nice evening! Looks like great fun.