Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Biking for Safety (3)

This is how you bike for safety. Push your bike with your helmet on your head.
Ian bought this great little bike at the dump for $5, and put new pedals and training wheels on it. Kellen was SO excited about his "black bike". I was watching from the window when Ian set him on it. I watched him roll down the driveway, panic as it sped up, fall of the side and the bike crashed on top of him. I'm pretty sure my first thought was not about him being hurt, but about how long it would be until he would get on it again.
Ian lowered the seat to a better height for Kellen and found him a helmet. Of course, he refused to get on it again. He would not listen to us - "No, no, this is how you do it for safety!", he told us as he pushed his bike around the bay.
But, after watching the kids ride at the bike park this weekend, he wanted to go home and get his bike. I told him he couldn't ride it anyhow, but he told me he could. And he did. I can't believe how good he is on it now. I've been enjoying going for walks with him the last few nights because its actually a good pace!

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Such a cute story!