Friday, May 15, 2009

Quiet, Crafting Day (6)

I'm enjoying a quiet day at home. Even though I decided not to go on my retreat today, I decided to have my own day at home. I'm only have a few guilty feelings about keeping my day off work and still taking the kids to the sitters. There is laundry and cleaning to do, but I'm hiding out in my fun room. This is the project I did this morning already (its not my original idea - I saw it on etsy.)

It's my inspiration for redocorating Lanelle's room. Take a look below at Lanelle's room as it is. Horrible car racing wallpaper which is falling down. I've decided it's getting a new look this weekend. Maybe that will keep Ian busy and feeling productive. Definately not going camping this weekend in the snow!

Keeping in mind the above wall hangings, got any paint color suggestions for me? How about 3 walls the same, 1 wall different?

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Sarina said...

I love the wall hangings!! They are so beautiful. What did you use Janet - is it coloured paper or pieces of cloth on the wood background? Very creative.