Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cloth Diapers (8)

I decided to use your question, Vicki, for this post. A great overview on cloth diapering can be found here. That ( is also where I've ordered most of my stuff from, but there are more stores that carry them now - Groovy Mama in Regina, Cravings in Saskatoon... I'll share what I've learned, but its only what I've tried and I know there are lots more options out there and more to learn. Just lately, I have learned a lot from Leslie at the Groovy Mama in Regina. #1: I learned that I should use a better detergent that is recommended to not leave residue on the diapers. They are definatley more absorbant since I switched and no more rashes from sensitive skin Lanelle.

There are all-in-one diapers, but I've never tried them, so I can't really comment. They are a little more expensive. I like a system with a separate diaper and cover. The covers are not like the plastic pants I remember when I was a kid. They are quite breathable. I find that 6 easily gets me through 2 days. I have used Bummis Whisper Wraps, because they had good reviews and I have not been disappointed.

The diapers I have used - basic prefolds, birdseye weave square diapers that I had to fold, Kooshies, and Bamboozles. The birdseye ones were only for newborns and annoying to fold. I have loved the prefolds more now that I use with a snappy instead of pins. I have also learned to arrange them better so they aren't as bulky. Leslie said she usually tries to direct customers to them. They are reasonably priced and really absorbant, easy to wash and take care of. The Kooshies I used were second hand and I found them not to be very absorbant. Now that I know that detergent residue can cause that, maybe it wasn't the diaper, but how they were washed. They had velcro closures which were quick to get on but often end up tangled in the wash. I love the Bamboozles because they are so soft and a little less bulky than the prefolds. They have snaps and are quicker to get on. (Although, I heard one mom say she doesn't like them becuase the snaps take too long to line up and prefers velcro for speed). Also, they can be snapped tightly enough for little babies, so you wouldn't need to buy 2 different sizes (although, I heard they are pretty bulky on a newborn. Most diapers require that you purchase 2 sizes.

I always get asked about dealing with the messes. You can put a flushable liner in to catch the worst. There are also little "showers" available that somehow attach to your toliet so you can quickly rinse them off (I've never talked to anyone who has one and don't know much about them).

I do also cheat and use a disposable at night, shame on me. I have found it requires a mid-night change, which I would do, but the resulting wakefulness and the extra time to settle in again is something I can't handle.

I've also had people say its not more enviromentally friendly or cost effective because of the laundry. I don't believe it at all. Yeah, 3 extra loads a week are comparable to the pile of disposables!?

It's late and I'm tired, so thats where I'll leave my quick summary. Vicki, if you are interested I'd be happy to talk about it more with you! I think cloth diapering is easy and great! I think I'm becoming a stronger advocate for it lately. Oh, I didn't mention the biggest drawback - the bulkiness of them doesn't always work with some of the cutest pants (ie. most jeans). But, I cheat sometimes when we are out for awhile and use a disposable so I can put them in the cute jeans.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info Janet! I think I'll go to Groovy Mama in Regina next time I'm there as I did find that site on the internet the other day.

Are you guys coming to Estevan any time soon? Maybe we could get together and chat about all things baby!

Take care,