Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Remembering (11)

It's a busy week and somehow doesn't feel like its a short week at all. So it was nice to remember the relaxing we did on the long weekend. It was Lanelle's first time in the hot tub and she LOVED it. We had the Koops' over, Sheena had her guitar, we used the fire pit for the first time, my first bulgar salad of the was a great evening for many reasons. I didn't get pictures of the bbq but I got a few of the early hot tub party, before some teenage girls took their turn (now that was really fun to see and listen too!) Lanelle will never be that grown up, nuh-uh.

I thought I'd relax for a few minutes, before I give in for the night, and make this incredible sounding ginger tea that I had seen on one of my favorite food blogs (or so I thought). I've wasted time searching and I'm running out of evening. Forget the fancy ginger tea, I guess. Good night.

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