Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wild Night (5)

I'm just squeaking in here tonight after getting back from Regina a few minutes ago. Ian's had the need lately to feel spontaneous, I think. So, when he arranged for Andrea to watch the kids so we could go to Red Lobster to use the gift certificates that have been sitting on my dresser tempting him since January - what could I say but yes. Funny how crazy it seemed to go. Kids are so back to their regular energetic selves today though. They had SO much fun with Auntie Andrea. I'm sure we will hear lots about her the next few days. While driving home, Ian started talking about going away this weekend, since I cancelled my scrapbooking retreat out of concern for the kids. I guess the night out didn't satisfy the bug he's got. Maybe I'll reinstate my plans. Not sure what the weekend holds for us spontaneous people. But, I am still so stuffed full of shrimp and scallops that I can't wait to roll into bed for now. We'll see where I blog from tomorrow. Night.

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