Sunday, May 31, 2009

Various stories... (22)

Since we left the park yesterday, I have heard the same question pretty much every hour and no answer seems to satisfy. "Why Caden sad that I leave?" That event has really made an impression on Kellen. (I've finally told him he's not allowed to ask me again. I have no more creative answers to give.)

Kellen got to go on a hospital tour this week with his preschool. They got to bandage up their animals and be doctors. His teachers said he had quite the detailed long stories about how kitty got hurt. He told me today that soon kitty can take off his bandages, but not yet.

Ian had to drive the garbage truck this morning. I took the kids for a walk before church and we saw Daddy driving several times, which was very exciting. When we had lunch with Ian, Kellen said out of nowhere "Daddy, you are the best Daddy in the whole world!"
"Cause you make the town nice! You pick up the garbage!"
(You can't imagine the pride Kellen exudes as he announces this.)
Ian just shook his head. "Thanks, buddy. Glad someone understands thats an important job."
Ahh, it was cute and funny. Wish I had that on video, it was pretty priceless.


Davis Family said...

Tell Ian that from a kid perspective being a garbage man is about as sexy as it gets. I remember my nephew Jared jumping up and down and saying he wanted to be a garbage man when he grew up.

Jen Mooney said...

Caden has been asking to see his friend Kellen all day. And he talks about the trucks that he got to use and says he wants to go to Kellen's house. He even saw, from a distance, some random kid that we didn't know (who was dressed in red) and asked if that was Kellen. I guess we'll have to hook them up again soon! We had lots of fun too by the way - even if we didn't cry when you left :)