Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beautiful Day (21)

My search for a housecleaner seems to have ended. Her first day is next Thursday. I'm hoping it works out.

We went to Regina and had a picnic at the park with friends we have missed. Thanks Craig & Leah, Crystal, and the whole Mooney gang. We really enjoyed it. I loved watching Kellen and Caden play together and thought it was very cute when Caden was crying when Kellen had to go. The comfort hug was pretty sweet. A funny moment that my knee keeps reminding me about...Jen and I took Kellen and Caden down to the lake. They were throwing bread in for the ducks and we kept reminding them not to get so close to the edge. I saw Kellen wind up and give a good throw (I had walked away to get the camera) and then watched as he started flailing his arms trying to get his balance with his toes over the edge. I'm not sure what really happened then or even how far away I was at the time. I saw him go over. Next thing I knew I was pulling him back up onto the edge. I managed to grab him before he hit the water (well, one shoe got wet). I had slid on my knee on the concrete as I dove for him. I'm glad we both didn't go in together. I was shaky trying to take pictures after.

We also got some good shopping done. We picked out dining room chairs at Jysk, but Ian will have to go back with the truck sometime to get them. I imagine he will do that soon since he is so excited about the table he made. It is beautiful, and I think we picked out chairs that will be really nice with it. Probably pictures of that soon and of the park time.

It was a beautiful day. Hope yours was too.

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