Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inventory (4)

Rocking Lanelle before laying her down tonight, I found myself taking inventory on my feelings.

Thankful that Lanelle is feeling better. Happy to see Kellen recovering tonight from the fever/flu that hit him in the middle of the night. Hopeful that the slightly nauseous feeling in my stomach is not a sign of whats to come. Wishing for a good sleep tonight, but frustrated because I know there's no way it will happen. Excited about the garden day tomorrow and handing out tomato plants. (I'd better not get sick now!) Thankful that Ian is close to home and able to take a sick day for kids too. It was super nice to not have to take another day off work. Happy about the student I have working with me this week, she has been so helpful on the busy/crazy week. Excited to plant a garden soon. Disappointed that I don't think I'll go for the scrapbooking retreat this weekend. Frustrated that my knee really hurts lately, and my little race is this weekend. Thankful that even with some frustrations, I find more joy in kisses from my beautiful kids and other sweet things that keep me smiling and content.

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Anonymous said...

So far so good! Glad to keep up with you tonight!